The Brain Radiation Scale of Dr. Oscar Brunler - The Key to a Scientific Philosophy of Evolution?

We have now a kind of scientific proof that Madame Blavatsky was one of the most advanced human who lived in modern history, but also other Theosophists are much above the average.

Do you know the englisch physican Dr. Oscar Brunler (1894-1952)? He is known for his Scientific Philosophy of Evolution based on experiments with "brain-radiation". The result of his extensiv scientific research, beside other phenomena, draws an interesting evolution of the spiritual part of men which maybe also correlate with the theosophical view of evolution (in any case with reincarnation).

Today it's a scientifc fact, that everything on earth radiats, minerals, plants and also men himself or in other words, where life is, there are many electrical, magnetical or electrophysiological activities.

Dr. Brunler got his idea from the french radiesthesist Andre Bovis (1871-1947), who invented an instrument for measuring specific radiation, f.e. from food etc. see f.e. Bovis Scale. It's based on a kind of dowser or pendulum. Who ever tested a pendulum knows, that you get often right answers but also sometimes not, so everything is to regard with suspicion, as well as this kind of radiation - classified as Radiesthesia - is for today science a paranormal pseudoscience, because no instruments used by orthodox scientist can measure many of the radiations, which pioneers all over the world have discovered. Over 100 years ago science also know nothing from electromagnetical radiation, so there is hope, science is still on the way and not finished; we recognize this clear in todays sometimes absurd (pure materialistic) viewpoints that insult the common sense, see f.e. here  or more detailed here.

However, back to Dr. Brunlers Brain Scale. He measured in a scinetific way with his own pendulum-device the brain radiation of more than 25.000 people (also of Mde. Blavatsky) and realized moreover, that this kind measurement can be also taken from maunscripts, paintings or most effectivley from original signatures.

So let me describe in short the Evolution of inner man, that he discovered between a scale of 118 and 720 degrees of Biometric radiation (Brunler insisted, that with rare exceptions the radiation changed by only a few points during a lifetime).

  • 118 degrees biometric: The mind is operating in this world only with half-conscious, only the natural instinct of food and sleep [and maybe reproduction] is present.
  • Between 150 and 180 mark simple minded people that enjoy a childlike existence not caring for knowledge or worry about who provides their daily bread or clothes etc.
  • At 180 the mind has awakened further and get able to learn read an write.
  • 210-220 a greater mind-hand coordination takes place, further men is more and more easily able to understand and learn the material world
  • At 240 abstract ideas beginn to become comprehensible to men, the darkness which had covered the immaterial world begins to lighten.

The majority of people in the range from 225-240 degrees call themselve "Realists", that means, they deny the spiritual world. In his book A Scientific Philosophy of Evolution Dr. Brunler quote at this point the Sanskrit-Mantram:

From the Unreal lead me to the Real. From the Darkness lead me to the light. From Death leads me to immortality.

He was obviously a follower of the wisdom of the east, often he quoted f.e. from the Bhagavad Gita or Light of Asia.

The great majority of people, 95 percent, were below 300, and 90 percent were below 240 (100 years ago).

  • At 260 men takes renewed interest in the material world, it seems, there is now the knowledge about the other plain, but it seems of little practical value and therefore not from interest.
  • But more and more men turns his mind towards and at 300 degrees, men learned that  the material and immaterial world are of equal value also Knowledge becomes more important.
  • At 310 the world of matter, the desires of the body rise up and try to dominate our thoughts and actions.
  • Between 312 and 318 often people allow their lower nature to become the master, the will should be developed.
  • From 320 to 330 the door of the mind open a bit more and often mind readers and hyptnotists can be found here.
  • At 330 Intuition beginns to throw up knowledge into our conscious and this ability, to gain eccess ti the interior of our (higher) being becomes greater and greater the higher the radiation is. At 350 degrees it reaches its peak and at 370 degrees it fades out.

As the first appereance of gift of intuition gets less and less the conscious mind makes effort to reason, to think out on a so called "rational basis".

  • From 370 to 395 the soul operates through the conscious mind, developing the power of reasoning and logical thinking and learn to use the mind like a tool.
  • 400 is a great milestone. Having mastered the normal faculties of sensation, intuition and reason, the self then moves on to develop the will and the ego.
  • From 390 to 420 (Brunler called this the fear range) the self is acutely aware of its deficiencies, until 420, in the ego range, will emerges and the whole nature changes again to a self-assertive independence or leadership of others.
  • The ego range begins to fade at 440, and at 450 the ego thrust aside and the self rejoices in anonymity.
  • After will and independet action are mastered a new qualitity of sensitivity (intiution) opens up, on which responds to wider horizonts. In the 500's we find often that, was Brunler called Genius, f.e. great leaders or artists whose work survive their death.
  • Another major critical point is 538, were the self must begin to give up the personality, which as this stages reach a culmination, to become more and more altruistic.

The highest reading that Brunler got is 720, from Leonardo Da Vinci, the fifth highest reading is Madame Blavatsky with 660 others are Goethe (608),  Goerge Washington (512), Gandhi (477), Einstein (469) but also on the list beside Madame Blavatsky we can find other Theosophists f.e. Annie Besant (568), Alice Bailey (538) and Krishnamurti (423).

And all of these should us not lead to value people. It should show as an idea of this inner evolution and that the highest aim, as Theosophy teach, is altruism.

I attached an Essay on this article from the book "Wich Way Out?" from Arthur M. Young were you can see the first half of the whole list and got a bit deeper in this topic. I recommend for further reading also the smal books of Dr. Brunler "A Scientific Philosophy of Evolution" and "Rays and Radiation Phenomena".


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