The Philosophy of Happiness

During one of my last digital discussion-wanderings I met a devotee of the philosophy of Happiness, we live and learn...
Prometheus, dresden old town

We can make us happier, if we make the angel in us happier. In this picture you see a nice detail in the Old Town of Dresden (City in Saxony, Germany). (Photo: Steven Otto)

Wikipedia informs us about this philosophy as follows:

The philosophy of happiness is an umbrella term for the various philosophical approaches to explaining the nature of happiness, as well as how to attain it. Both the classic Western philosophy (Ancient philosophy) and the Eastern philosophy since its inception deal with the subject of happiness. (1)

And why do I write about it? It's the fact, that I found surprising parallels, what were the recommendations of this philosophy of happiness, that are scientifically substantiated, based on various studies. Beside the old ancient philosophers, there are modern researcher and authors of happiness and within the forum I heard about it, the following tips were given:

  • Physical activity and exercise: active people have 15% more life satisfaction than their more passive fellow men, a daily walk increase happiness by 12%.
  • Do good: And that means indeed primarily help others, and who regularly does other people something good, live 24% happier than a man who lives only for himself.
  • Regeneration: There must be a balance, so go to bed early, and in any case before 12 pm. Every missing hour of sleep reduces the positive attitude of the next day at 8%.
  • Turn off TV: Scientific research has clearly demonstrated: "Every hour of television a day reduces the overall life satisfaction by 5%. Television oriented people going the path of outer happiness. It awakens desires. It increases aggression. It generates fears. Who wants to grow his inner happiness, must abolish the television."
  • Maintain friendships: People who interchange regularly with other people, experience a reduction in their worries by 55%.
  • Maintain joy: Who installs regular small elements of joy in his life (please no sweets or luxury food, that's unreasonable), increases its general happiness by 20%.
  • Humor: Who has anduse his humor, increases happiness of his life by 33%.

And there were also a few general tips given, such as, live a relaxed life, initiate or receive a good self-esteem, have a positive attitude towards life and as a conclusion: "The great secret of happiness is, that it dependent 90% from the inner people."

I think that's very wonderful. There happen scientific researches, that want to answer the question: "How to become happy?" and it finds out, that the answer is: "Live a virtuous life!", because that's what this advices reflect, nothing else than parts of a reasonable and virtuous life.

That's the parallel, which I introductorily spoke of, because that's too, what Theosophy teach and each true Theosophist should do: Live a virtuous life!

And the realy wonderful fact is, someone can say - of course provided, that one want's to live happy and not unhappy - that it is today scientific proved, that the right way to life is living a virtuous life! I love this :)

Great facts, and an interesting philosophy. And the downer? There is no result and no reward in this world without effort. We have often to overcome us, to be virtuous. Time and time again we have to fight and win against the unreason and inertia of matter and overcome them, to naturally feel happy, so I'll close with a nice quote from Erich Kästner (german writer, born 1899 in Dresden, Saxony) from his poem "morality":

There is no good, unless you do it.

And in this spirit: Make yourself naturally and sustainably happier!


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