Theosophy based on the "Secret Doctrin" of H.P. Blavatsky

This is only a very small insight into the Theosophy of the Secret Doctrine, and the Secret Doctrine is a very tiny insight of the more spiritual world of Theosophy and all this only in a more figurative form. The following is intended to provide only an approximate idea of Theosophy and of course it contains a lot of unauthorized basically shortenings. However, it is consistent with the teachings, results a very, very, very... small overall picture and it should especially generate interest in Theosophy based of the Secret Doctrine of our all highly honored Madame Blavatsky.


What, if the first cause of all causes is known? We would ask, what is it's cause? If you think about it, you realize, that there must be an infinite chain of causality. But infinity can't thought by a restricted being, like a human being.

We have to draw a dividing line between the eternal unknown and what we can realize. The eternal unknown is the absolute principle in Theosophy. But this can not be nothing, because, it is the source of everything.

If anything can give us an understanding of the philosophical paradox, "it is and is not", then the space. The space exists, no doubt, it contains everything that is. But if you imagine the space when it contains nothing, what will you see? The space is axiomatically characterized as a symbol of the Absolute in Theosophy by three aspects: (1) universal Spirit, (2) original, formless MATTER (3) eternal TIME.

In the tangible world, everything is developing always cyclical. Day and night, sleeping and waking etc. are signs of this universally cyclical. There are human-, earthly- and cosmic-cycles. The universe is in either a passive phase, then everything rests in the absolute or it is in an active phase, the development phase of a universe. Both phases have the same length and alternate.

Every relevation of a universe is connected by karma, that means, there is a chain of causality between the preceding and following relevation. Karma is universal compensatory justice, which also says, there is a continuous development.

If everything rests in the absolute, sometimes it's called Para-Nirvana. This does not mean absolute extermination. This is valid only for material forms. The Spirit uses matter for revelation in a limited form, to carry out a development. Shapes are changing, matter is ephemeral, but the spirit can not pass away, it's imperishable.

Normally, if a spiritual being enter Nirvana, it falls into a dreamless sleep. It sleeps during the passive phase and as soon as a new active phase is beginning, it wakes up from his sleep and follows it's further intellectual development, a never ending process of perfection.

Not only in the theosophical philosophy the Absolute is considered alone as the only truth and reality because it is unconditional. Everything that emerge from the absolute for a certain duration, is always limitet or finite. And everything in the universe is on a constant change, because everything is in a constant cyclic movement. This is the reason, the relevation is often called a illusion.

But, if I feel pain, that's for sure not an illusion and this is quite true, because this concept is a philosophical or metaphysical concept. Everything in this universe is an illusion caused as a reflection of the Absolute. I'm also a reflection, just as my environment is and on this level of perception is all of this real and the only reality for us.



The Seven is a sacred number for some philosophies and in some religions, and they are also found in nature, for example in the seven spectral colors if light. The Theosophical Septenary is increasingly composed of an upper, hidden Trinity consisting of three relatively spiritual principles and a lower Fourness consisting of four more substantive principles, depending on the level, at which manifests such a septenary.

The Seven is a sacred number for some philosophies and in some religions, and this number is also found in nature, for example in the seven spectral colors of light. The theosophical sevenness is composed of an upper, hidden threeness consisting of three relatively spiritual principles and a lower fourness consisting of four more material principles. Relativ is here depending on the cosmic level, where it manifests such a sevenness.

The universe is also divided exactly seven times. So we have an upper threeness, a lower fourness and in the lower fourness seven different levels of substance or matter. Viewed from top to down, this means, that everything more on top, is more spiritually and  below more materially. Cosmic Consciousness and matter are not really separable, it dependent on each other.

The lowest level of substance is the level that we can perceive. Each level of cosmic consciousness - in the lower fourness in which the cosmic manifestation takes place - has life, and the more spiritual beings at these levels have consciousness and perception. The upper threeness is also a symbol of the always hidden Spirit.
All these levels of existence are all in the same three-dimensional space, like radio frequencies, superimposed in the same space, but no interference with each other. The different frequencies in our cosmic view are different layers of the cosmic consciousness and the cosmic matter.

At the beginning of a new revelation, the universal spirit (in a sense, the absolute principle), start moving the universal soul. The universal soul is the first differentiation of the original formless substance. Then, the Spirit afford through the universal soul the universal mind or intellect. Universal spirit, universal soul and universal mind, the upper threeness in the universe, can also allegorically be described as father, mother and son or more scientific as spirit, matter and force, of course an intelligent force. Starting from the universal mind going out in a mystic way spiritual beings, and from these other spiritual beings etc. In this way unfold the cosmic hierarchies of spiritual beings and build their more spiritual worlds, down to our more substantive level in almost unimaginable periods of time.

A planet has always go through seven rounds or periods. In the first three rounds it develops from the spirit into matter, ie it become more material from round to round. The fourth round is the most material and also the cardinal point of this development, because the next three rounds the planet (and of course everything on it) spiritualized from round to round, until it ultimately returns to its starting point, but increased by past experience. Between each round, takes not a great but a kind of secondary individual passive phase place, in which the associated spiritual principles sleep in nirvana.



The development of humanity is closely linked with the development of the planet. I spoke of the seven rounds of a planet. In the following only the fourth round of the planets is considered. In the fourth round already four mystical elements have revealed fire, air, water and earth, and it is as I said, the most material round. Each round is always divided into seven major periods, ie in seven humanities, which appear one after and out of another by ethnic mixing an proceeding development.

The seven humanities during a planetary round develops similar to the seven rounds of a planet. This means, the first three humanities come from a relatively subtle or ethereal state down through the most material state in the fourth mankind and then the following three humanities spiritualize again, mankind by mankind.

The first mankind was a very subtle mankind, whose body was emanating from very ethereal and spiritual father-beings by willpower and these bodies were the homes of the higher principles in man, the higher selves if you will, or incarnating beings. The first human beings was like their fathers, ie very subtle, sexless,  not intellectually but only spiritually. That means that although the first humanity wore a higher principle in itself, but no earthly ego (intellect) could reveal at this level of existence. It is believed that these beings were in a kind of constant contemplation.

Almost immeasurable periods of time went by, a second and third mankind develops, the human body, as well as the surrounding animals and plants became more substantial and smaller, hermaphroditic human beings were born and finally they were born with separate sexes. And it also developed slowly something of a rudimentary human intellect. Between the different humanities always a large geological changes takes place.

In the third mankind some very holy and very advanced human spiritual beings incarnated on earth in human bodies and strengthened with its principles the constitution of mankind, so that man became a self- conscious, rational being with free will. Without such assistance, such a intellect could not reveal on earth. This highly developed beings, today sometimes called gods, taught in the beginning mankind culture, art, science and helped, to found enormous but today almost forgotten civilizations. These divine beings will be to the end of this round on earth to help mankind in their development, even if they appear only at certain times, because they act more hidden.

We all are the fifth humanity, ie we are already on the ascending arc. For example, the body of the fourth mankind was more solid than ours today. In the light of modern historiography the periods of which we speak here, appear fantastic, but for those, which have a closer look on that matter, have no doubt, that the current historiography and theory of civilization is highly inadequate.

In the fifth mankind, humans have five senses. In a very, very distant future comes the sixth mankind, which will have six senses and this human beings will make very great spiritual progress, to free themselves from the grosser matter and become almost spiritual beings again, in the seventh humanity, not (seen from the outside) unconsciously and mentally, as the first mankind, but self-confident and mentally, the relatively perfect human being, at least in this fourth planetary round, in which only the fourth of seven principles in man will be fully developed.


The man

Man also consists of seven principles, similarly such as the cosmos. Man is the microcosm of the macrocosm and it is much more philosophical truth in this statement, than is commonly thought, in any case, than we can imagine.

The human being, simply told, consists of a immortal, upper threeness and a ephemeral lower fourness. The upper, hidden threeness is a incarnated immortal and spiritual being in man, the true man or the higher self. This higher self, has its place in the heart. No one is ever alone.

The border between immortality and mortality in humans is the "I", the earthly ego. It has its seat in the brain. It is a dual nature, spiritual and material, because it was born from the spirirual upper threeness, but it is also mixed with matter, as the cardinal point between the upper and lower principles.

The earthly ego was born for the purpose of spiritual development of his higher self or the upper threeness, because the spiritual higher self can not reveal directly on this mortal plane of matter. The body, the lowest principle, is the tool of the earthly ego, to act on this material plane. The divine ego, cannot lead the earthly ego directly, but only indirectly, for example through the conscience. Pangs of conscience coming always from the heart.

The earthly ego is affected by virtuous inspirations from its higher principle and also of its lower more material principle by non-virtuous inspirations. Man is a being with free will, so he can of course also cause those sort of thoughts. Irrespective of where the inspriations come from, always the earthly ego decide, what it does or not does. It is fully self-responsible.

For us, the meaning of life is to stand in the service of our higher principle, to gain experience during a virtuous life. Only with this sort of experience, the higher principle can develop. To help someone directly (through own hands and not through third parties) selflessly (without expecting anything in return) is the most virtuous thing you can do. But since it's about gaining experience, for example studying or everyday work is in this sense also helpful, whatever that is, if it is not non-virtuous and you feel a certain satisfaction with it or a sort joy of conscience. Non-virtuous experiences can not migrate to the plane of eternity, because that can only experiences, that are equal to spiritual level.

We, as the earthly ego, carry the potential of immortality in us, because of our origin. Whether an "I" is immortal or not, we decide for ourself and in fact with that life that we live. If someone throughout his life more mixed up with the matter, because of non-virtuous thoughts and actions, after physical death he pass away with the perishable matter. If someone throughout his life more mixed up with his higher principle, because of virtuous thoughts and actions, he cannot perish, can move after the physical dead on to the spiritual level of mind and with help of his higher principle he will become itself a spiritual being.

The immortality of the human soul was never a secret. The wise men of this world have always preached it. Every culture believed in a life after death. And there was always taught openly, how to realize this goal, because they preached also always abstinence, selflessness, compassion, charity, and all the other virtues, of which we should live, if we want to achieve  the meaning of life, fulfill a spiritual development an life a live in relative harmony.

The harmony refers to karma, the law of retaliation. It is also the law of balanced justice. Everything that was thought, spoke or done, acts in a mystic way back to it's  source and people, who disrupt the natural harmony, for example by non-virtuous behavior, have to deal with the corresponding consequences, that means mental and or physical suffering.

But no one should virtuous life because he wants to enter eternity! This is selfishness and non-virtuous! We should life virtuous to gain the ideal experience of our life, because we want to help nature at its (spiritual) development.

One of the most important virtues, which is essential for spiritual development, is abstinence. Especially sexual abstinence, unless someone uses the sacred act of creation, in order to start a family or to expand it, but also in the sense of abstinence from all vice, for example consume luxury food, because luxury is an addiction of wastage of natural ressources.

This is the end of this very short glimpse of "The Secret Doctrine" of Madame Helena Petrovna Blavatsky, and thus ends also the small insight into the theosophical teachings. According to these teachings, the coming Ages of Aquarius (one month of platon oder great year and a much more spiritual era) that will rule the upcoming 2000 years, will be also a theosophical era.


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