Liar, Racist, Antisemite, Satanist and Nazi!

Have I heard correctly? Theosophists are Liars, Racists, Satanists, Antisemites and Nazis? Yes, you have, but that's not all!

This is a pleading, that we Theosophists take more care of our reputation, means, that we should more fight against the lies about theosophy and it's protagonists.

Theosophy is committed above all to altruism and philanthropy, as well as reconciliation and brotherhood of all nations and all religions. Madame Blavatsky (HBP, 1831-1881) was one of the most humane and most progressive person of the 19th century and she is not only known as the founder of the modern theosophical movement but also of the modern esoteric movement. This is the obvious reality and numerous theosophical associations and websites and uncounted Theosophists worldwide witness this facts every day.

But who Theosophist does not know the flattering designations and appreciations from our admirers, as I have it listed in the heading? In Germany a Theosophist is sometimes a Racist and Nazi. But that's not all, even he is a Liar, Conspirator, Satanist, supporter of genocide, Sorcerer, Necromancer and Antisemite. I think no more proofs needed, that we live in a Kali Yuga.

For example a few days ago on a website of the well known german public service broadcasting (state television)  “Bayerischer Rundfunk” was published in the category "right-extremism" (= Nazi's) the following:

In this way at the end of the 19th century, numerous occult groups arose and with them their publications of Racism, Nationalism, Anti-Semitism and technological progress in a crude mixture of conspiracy theory fantasies. In this phase fall, for example, the racial theoretical publications such as "The Secret Doctrine" of the Russian occultist Helena Blavatsky, ... (Source)

Furthermore in this article, it's about the hideous Nazi-theories and criminals. An isolated case? No, unfortunately not. And what is just as bad, the authors can refer to specialized works or "scientific" literature! So let's have a look at the allegations or better their refutation little more closely:

The racism allegations are of course unjustified. Although HPB writes of races, for example, rootraces, and this term means nothing else than the humankind and according to the teachings, the present fifth rootrace includes all people currently living. The term rootrace therefore has nothing to do with racism. But HPB (1831-1881) also refers in some cases to the current anthropology of the 19th century. And there it was unfortunately normal to speak of races, bastard-races and lower races, of savages Bushmens etc. Almost all known anthropological scientists did so for example Edward B. Tylor, Louis Agassiz, J. L. A. de Quatrefages, since the Age of Enlightenment, but also for example Immanuel Kant and their colleagues etc. and they all not known as racists. Ultimately almost the entire society of that time, as well as the media spoke in this manner. But Mde. Blavatsky makes one thing often very clearly and that absolutely contrary to the prevailing opinion of her century:

In reality there are no inferior or low-grade races because all of it are one common humankind. (H. P. B. Life and works of Helena Blavatsky the founder of modern Theosophy by Sylvia Cranston and Carey Williams, German Adyar Edition, 2nd Edition 1995, p. 400, see also Collected Writtings of HPB, Vol. 8, p.406).

A view which is also evident in the Secret Doctrine, in which can be read:

In this manner the reason for division of humankind into higher and lower races is obsolete and a erroneous belief. (SD, Vol. II, Commentary Stanza IX)

Today this point of view is common, but that was revolutionary in the 19th century and that was Madame Blavatsky, that is theosophy. And there is also scientific literature that is closer to the truth, as the the literature of the "Bayerischer Rundfunk”. The acknowledged racism expert of Jewish descent George L. Mosse writes in one of his books:

Theosophy itself was not racist. (The history of racism in Europe by George L. Mosse, German-Edition, Fischer, Frankfurt, 1990, reprint 2006, p. 119)

Of course not! But even nowadays this is often ignored, not only from some historians, as it has been shown.

The Nazi accusation is no less stupid and in Germany a particularly sensitive issue. It is repeatedly peddled, the Nazis would have been an esoteric ideology and theosophy would have contributed ideas to the inhumane teachings of the Nazis. Nothing but lies, but there are obviously a few powerful Esotericism- and Theosophy-haters.

Often you can read in the Secret Doctrine of aryans and the swastika is a part of the symbol of the Theosophical Society and both were abused abominable by the Nazis. The Swastika is of course a spiritual sign, that was used worldwide from many nations. And the term aryan is used in the theosophical teachings within the meanings of religion (Zoroastrianism), in a linguistic meaning (Indo-Aryan languages) and also in an ethnic sense as well as in the meaning of the fifth rootrace or humankind. But the hideous notion of the Nazi's aryan ("germanic master race") has nothing to do with Theosophy and has to traced back to the french diplomat Arthur de Gobineau. And the well-known historian Nicholas Goodrick-Clarke, makes in his worldwide standard-work on this subject, “The occult roots of Nazism”, clear that:

The central importance of "Aryan" racism in Ariosophy, albeit compounded by occult notions deriving from theosophy, may be traced to the racial concerns of Social Darwinism in Germany. (Nicholas Goodrick-Clarke, The Occult Roots of Nazism, New York University Press, Washington, 2004, p.14)

And the inhuman “philosophy” of Ariosophy would be the only way to produce a connection between Nazism and Theosophy. But this direct connection dont exists, because there is even not a direct prooved connection between Ariosophy and Nazism, and even if, Ariosophy abused only theosophical terms, not the theosophical doctrine. This is the internationally recognized state of research! And the point of view, the Nazis would have been especially esoteric, is according to research also just a highly malignant myth. We must also keep in mind, that all theosophical associations during the Nazi-era were forbidden in Germany; additionaly, Theosophy teaches the higher development of mankind by mixing of nations or peoples and not by eradicate and deferred, as the nazis did!

The accusation of being a Satanist comes naturally from the false understanding of the concept of Lucifer, by assuming Theosophy would worship the devil of the church. These people forget that the Church's view of the devil is not only unnatural in view of the history of philosophy. Lucifer is the latin name for the morning star and, for example, Jesus speaks of himself in the Book of Revelation (22:16) as the "bright morning star" (latin: stella splendida matutina) and that clarifies a little the true theosophical understanding of the metaphor of Lucifer, because Theosophy understand this in the spirit of the Lightbringer, such as the Greek Prometheus in his spiritual understanding and not in the strange and in ancient times unusual sense of the church – the eternal evil in person.

The ever unknowable and incognizable Karana alone, the Causeless Cause of all causes, should have its shrine and altar on the holy and ever untrodden ground of our heart—invisible, intangible, unmentioned, save through "the still small voice" of our spiritual consciousness. Those who worship before it, ought to do so in the silence and the sanctified solitude of their Souls; making their spirit the sole mediator between them and the Universal Spirit, their good actions the only priests, and their sinful intentions the only visible and objective sacrificial victims to the Presence. (H.P. Blavatsky, SD, Vol. I, p. 280)

That, as the theosophical teachings as a whole, sounds very evil of course only in the ears of the devil.

As regards the alleged justification of genocide (yes, incredible, but even that can be found in so-called scientific literature), it's mainly based on a malicious false understanding of karma. Who teaches an understanding of karma, that all is fate in a fatalistic sense, for excusing his own negative actions against other persons or who say, that it would be unnecessary to help others because it’s immutable fate, teaches neither the original understanding of karma nor the theosophical teachings of Madame Blavatsky. Where Karma was teached properly, such as by Madame Blavatsky, there was always teached personal responsibility and charity, what the aforementioned false views of karma, as indeed also the allegation of justification of genocide, would never allow.

Even theosophists also called sometimes proponents of sorcery and necromancy, very wrong too, because theosophical teachings discouraged strictly of any practical magic and not only that, it also becomes clear in HPB’s teachings, that even meditation is only a good thing, if it helps, in terms of the virtues, to be aware of his own weaken, in order to perform a more virtuous live and also yoga is considered critical (SD, Vol. III). Certainly HPB played a role in early Spiritism, and sure here is a reason for these accusations, but she used it as a vehicle for the introduction of esotericism in the West and the negative opinion of Theosophy about practical Spiritism (today often called channeling) associated with HPB is very clearly latest since 1875.

No less absurd, but just as often to read, especially in circles of conspiracy theorists, is the accusation Theosophy would cooperate in a global conspiracy that wants to enslave humanity irrevocably (keyword: New World Order conspiracy theory), because, for example, of the "satanism" of the teachings, see above. In these conspiracy theories people over all are lured with power, money and sensual or other materialistic pleasures or manipulated with fear to contribute to this world conspiracy or to consciously or unconsciously subordinate. But a true theosophist, who lives the reason and virtue, for example, altruism, and who believes in the immortality of the human soul, would not believe of any material possessions, not even of sensual pleasures and would fear nothing, not even the (earthly) death. And such a human can neither deceive in any way by anything, nor manipulate or suppress. Therefore, it would be the greatest danger for the "dark forces" and the "world conspiracy" when all men were real theosophists.

Also, Anti-Semitism is accused of Theosophy. Although HPB criticizes the Jewish religion, as she also criticized other religions, a practices that of course must be allowed, but in some very few cases she mixed this criticism with the members of this religion, which should not be, because Theosophy teaches also, that we should not judge other people. It is important to differentiate that. I can condemn for example superstition. But that does not or should not mean, that I condemn people who are superstitious, because they are more than only superstition, human beings, and also brothers and sisters in spirit. But with Anti-Semitism has all of that certainly nothing to do, because there is no Anti-Semitism in the theosophical teachings. On the contrary, HPB has taken the Jewish in protection in public against the Jew-baiting, for example as follows:

Quite clear and unmistakeable this. The unfortunate, despoiled Israelites are plainly charged with abducting Christian children to behead and make oracular heads with them, for purposes of sorcery! Where will bigotry and intolerance with their odium theologicum land next, I wonder?" (Source: H.P. Blavatsky, Theosophist, November, 1886)

That for example the Jew A. Einstein was a follower of the Secret Doctrine, is no secret today (see John Algeo, Theosophy and the Zeitgeist).

And of course, the base of the theosophical teachings is often doubted, which is easy, because it’s a mystical rootbase, but the existence of the Books of Kiu-Te has been proven a long time ago and there are also a significant evidence for the existence of the Book of Dzyan in the accepted research (see the work of David Reigle). The theosophical knowledge certifies the mystical root sufficient also. The allegations of lies and fraud today are all refuted. Whether the Coulomb-, Coleman-, or Cous-Affair or the Hodgson Report, all this allegations have proved to be wrong, even if it has sometimes lasted over 100 years. One who doubt should read the very important work of Vernon Harrison (HPB and the SPR) or Syliva Cranston’s biography of HPB. Nevertheless, these false accusations, and in this context also some unnamed, for example, illegitimate children of HPB etc. and the other discussed above, are still widespread today.

That the Hodgson Report was revoked in 1986 by the SPR under the heading "Madame Blavatsky (..) was unjustly condemned ", can even today not be read clearly at Wikipedia (german and english site)! And this shows, that the enemies of Theosophy are still very active and very well organized, because that these facts are missing in Wikipedia, is not a coincidence, as I discovered during my involvement in Wikipedia (in the german section, I'm banned). We all should keep an eye on Wikipedia in terms of Theosophy in the respective language and in situations of falsehood we should exert numerous pressure, because Wikipedia is very well attended. But also on other sites too. If you need help with this, feel free to contact me.

A lot has happened in the last 30 years and the View on Theosophy has already improved a lot in public opinion, also a sign, that the new era is coming. Another clarification and ongoing cleaning of Theosophy can only be achieved, if Theosophists act, whether with letters to the editor, comments or own Websie-Publihings or Social-Media-Activities against the lies or by the correction at Wikipedia etc. This is important, also and especially from the official sides of Theosophy, means theosophical society's and Associations.

We should have more often the following quote from HPB in our minds:

He who hears at innocent person slandered, Whether a brother Theosophist or not, and does not under take his defense as he would take under his own - is no Theosophist. (H. P.  Blavatsky)

So let us act accordingly, wherever we see a lie about theosophy, HPB or other theosophists. In this article you will find some content, quotes and thought for such a defense.

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