Precise science: Quo vadis - circular reasoning

Stephen Hawkins provides a very good example, by combining two circular reasoning in one sentence: "Because there is a law such as gravity, can and will create a universe itself from nothing." The first circular reasoning is the impossibility that something even creates itself, because to do it, it would have already existed. The numerous forces including gravity are also with scientific view, emerged as part of the development of the universe.

Previously, meaning at the beginning of the universe, a "primordial force" should have existed, which from a scientific point of view is completely unclear. But to adopt a force as the cause of this creation (gravity), which only emerged after the beginning of the creation process, is the second blatant circular reasoning and that from a man who was commonly known as intellectual spearhead of modern physics.

It is already apparent that purely materialistic theories, especially the origin of being, are only acceptable if key questions and needs at the beginning – which are pointing at a higher level point and almost require a philosophical principle – are simply ignored or as unexplained assumed and also is willing to overlook the resulting inconsistencies.

Occult Sciences admit [...] that (objective) life on our globe "is a logical postulate of Scientific natural history," but add that the rejection of a like Spiritual involution, from within without, of invisible subjective Spirit-life — eternal and a Principle in Nature — is more illogical, if possible, than to say that the Universe and all in it has been gradually built by blind forces inherent in matter, without any external help.1

Singularity – from which after today's perspective, the big bang has emerged – sounds far less impossible, as an infinitely small dot, containing the full mass of the universe, but both is synonymous. The later by others further developed Big Bang Theory was from the Belgian physicist and theologian Georges Lemaître (1894-1966) devised. He represents with his ex-nihilo creation, a (impossible) creation from nothing, a purely churchy dogma, which also became a major dogma of modern cosmology.2

It is a purely mathematical, physically unprovable, illogical hypothesis, due to the universe being currently adopted as an expanding, usually cylindrical "Space-time bubble". This bubble is located illogically enough in nothingness, because in space – which is, with time, in an obscure way to be included only in this bubble – it can not be.

Is such a singularity not grossly illogical? Is something, that creates itself not illogical? Is something created out of nothing not illogical? Is something should not be included in the room not illogical? Is an ingenious system that developed without intelligence and plan randomly alone by chaotic forces of pure chaos not illogical? Is assuming death to be the cause of life not illogical? Don't these scientific assumptions not just desire blind faith against all common sense, to be accused of believing people often? And include not just the kind of impossibilities that are being said from spiritual teachings?

None of the old polymaths has ever denied the importance of metaphysics or spiritual principles. It was always a part of their science lessons, for example the atomic model of Democritus (5th century). But modern science borrowed from this model only the materialistic part, because Democritus always considered the atoms as ensouled. But not only he, also Plato, Socrates and many other ancient scholars were aware of the spiritual principle. The perceptible matter is only the last link in a long chain of revelations of the spirit by substance. And so were also the on this level acting of existence forces considered.

It is true, that an exact science should only employ the for them measurable, meaning with all that is perceptible to human or technical senses. The forces themselves can not directly, but indirectly studied through their interactions with matter. But this accuracy is also a limitation.

And if a limit is reached, as it spoke to Max Planck, but science is not willing to share their results in the to lay hands philosophy or it is not ready not only to do this, but from the outset the need and usefulness such an approach denies, then from the exact one purely become materialistic science, as the spiritual principle source of all things, and thus the higher levels of being as well as the soul denies. With the resulting penalty, all alone having to explain about the perceptible nature, this spirit and soulless science would be irrefutable proof of the provided accuracy of materialism, but that fails already at the approach and especially in the really important, because basic questions.

Who additionally truly believes, by a declared in full physical world simultaneously displaced soul and spirit out of the world, has misunderstood the literal meaning of meta physics entirely and keeps the shadows on the wall of Plato's cave for the only reality. The correct answer to the question of the origin of things is not a matter solely of exact science, but also of metaphysics.

And apparently there is an unwritten rule that the spiritual origin or metaphysics negating science sooner or later, will fail at her own foolishness. Many answers to the "ultimate questions of humanity" which today has long been purely materialistic science gives very impressive witness to this "irony of history".

  • 1. SD:II:348.
  • 2. What is scientifically undisputed is the fact, that the Big Bang theory violates the conservation of energy. So either the very well proven energy conservation is wrong or this theory. Since it is still represented by science, they dogmatically, meaning, holding on to something wrong against their better judgement.

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