Precise science: Quo vadis - origin of life

Based on current scientific view, did life come into being because from inorganic molecules were formed organic molecules. These organic molecules are chemical compounds, containing at least one carbon atom which, in turn, is seen as a basic building block of life, since it can be found in all living organisms. But would you ask a scientist whether organic molecules live or are a living matter, then he may have to deny that, because in his eyes they only are chemical compounds or "dead matter”. All such material components are scientifically dead matter, even if they are called organic because they are considered a fundamental chemical part of living organisms. By more individual use of terms (organic for something what is from a scientific view de facto inorganic) is knowledge of the great riddle of the origin of life simulated. And thereby the illogicality and impossibility of this thesis is hidden. Because this view also means the origin of life is to lead back to something that was not alive and accordingly to accept death as the cause for life, which counteracts any experience and is therefore very illogical.

If science would have the possibility top create an organism completely artificial at the molecular level with "organic molecules", it would certainly not begin to live spontaneously. This proofs for example the procedure of synthetic biology that deals with this thematic. It’s goal is to create completely artificial systems, but they must always utilize living organisms, to either reduce them, to combine or otherwise manipulate them. So it does not produce artificial life but changes existing life artificially.

The question according to the true origin of life has for a purely materialistic science – which means a science that denies metaphysics as a need for the road to truth – to stay unresolved, because life is obviously more than the mere sum of its measurable components.

Another fundamental and equally questionable thesis of science is the opinion, that during about of billions of years by mere accident – under cause and effect but without intelligence and plan – an incredibly ingenious system was originated. Nature can without a doubt place everyone in awe given its ingenuity, thoroughness, efficiency and harmony. Humans admire how perceptive nature solves its problems and mankind learn a lot in his urge for development of its genius. But if we take a big mess (where there were no natural laws at the beginning) and let only non intelligent, haphazard and blind, ergo chaotic forces act, what else could rationally arise if not only chaos? To accept something else, for example a self-organizing deterministic chaos, as the chaos theory does, is illogical. The experience within the logic teaches against any doubt that, in addition to power always a plan, but at least a certain intelligence is needed to create an order in chaos and this happens by no means “out of itself".

For the latter is just as illogical, as if one would argue – as science indirectly does – that intelligent effects need not to have intelligent causes.

The base of living organisms is the DNA.1 The encoded information of the DNA follows precise grammatical rules, as in a language. There are four nucleotide bases (A, T, C, G) which make a sign system. Always three consecutive nucleobases encrypt exactly a particular amino acid (triplet). Overall, there are 64 such triplets in the genetic language. When decoding a triplet, the protein factory of the cell (ribosome) creates based on the information a very specific amino acid. The correct alignment of often thousands of such amino acids (also genetically accurately coded) causes the structure of the protein molecule. Ultimately, with this DNA-coding or decoding, the production of a viable body organized in which quadrillions of protein molecules are not only produced but also spatially exactly arranged and must network with one another. The unsolved mystery for science is, that matter and energy are only carriers of information, but cannot produce any information on their own. So where the information that is stored in the DNA coming from? Experience shows, that there is always a transmitter / Author on the origin of such information. And who encoded this information so exceedingly ingenious? What is the law of nature, from which the DNA originated? Time and self-organizing coincidence?

It is not a sufficient explanation for a profound spirit, that only the scientific forces or laws can be responsible for this creation, because no other forces or laws are recognized, but a highly intelligent creation is instead perceived. Then these explanations often lead to circular reasoning.

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