Precise science: Quo vadis - plasma cosmology and aether

The Theosophy has a strong interest in a truthful, reasonable and exact science, which is not due to boundless arrogance denies the spiritual source of all things, but the really important questions this humanity answers hand in hand with metaphysics. Reasonable and an exact science has been part of Theosophy and therefore it will now be shown that neither cosmology nor physics must be incomprehensible or even unreasonable.

Concerning astrophysics in particular plasma cosmology is being referenced. Radio astronomy showed in the mid-20th century that the hitherto held for empty cosmic space was filled by a thin plasma. Plasma is simply said ionized or electrically conducting gas. It is next to the solid, liquid and gaseous, the fourth, on the following gaseous aggregate state. Each gas turns with a sufficient supply of energy (heating) to plasma, wherein different types are distinguished from plasmas such as transparent or glowing e.g. the Northern Lights.

Although now the plasma physics already are an integral part of science, but the connection of plasma physics and cosmology is even after nearly a century of successful research in this field of the orthodox cosmology persistently ignored. The big difference between the two systems is as follows: While the previous model, the gravitational force rules explanations, is playing in the plasma cosmology as well as in theosophy electrical or electromagnetic forces the leading role, which are up to 10^36 times stronger than gravitational forces. If you add the since the middle of last century known scientific fact, that 99% of the observable matter in the universe is in a plasma state, including exposure to electric or electromagnetic forces is, then it will be immediately clear to everyone in what Dilemma the orthodox view still is, which still hangs on to the long disproved model of electrically neutral universe.

This is becoming clearer, the more you occupy yourself with plasma cosmology. Because unlike the conventional approaches that are based on theories of plasma cosmology to the actually laboratory studies of plasma physics, are simple and understandable and explain many phenomena, that from the ruling point of view have been either completely ignored or explained with illogical falsified hypotheses. The redshift e.g. is in the plasma cosmology with the so called plasma-redshift explained, that means, through diversification of light in the plasma (Raman effect) or by interacting with electrons (Compton effect) loses the light energy and becomes red-shifted. Both effects base on conventional physics and that these two well studied and well-known effects are still ignored in astrophysics is only a further significant evidence for the ruling dogmatism.

Also, another pillar of the big bang theory, the so-called background radiation, is much soundly explained. Because the in the space contained electrons of the plasma can absorb microwave radiation (synchrotron radiation) of stars and galaxies, and radiate in all directions (Kirchhoff's law of thermal radiation). Accordingly, to that the intergalactic medium absorbs and emits radiation (background radiation) and it is definitely not the adopted "Echo of the Big Bang". The formation of galaxies – for the gravitational cosmology a big mystery – was simulated by plasma experiments of American physicist Winston H. Bostick (1916-91) in a small scale, by shooting plasma clouds in his lab in a magnetic field against each other and observed thereby the formation of typical spiral structures of galaxies. In the mid 80s the American plasma physicist Dr. Anthony Peratt simulated the formation of galaxies from two plasma clouds with equally amazing and this theory supporting results.

Through the electric model of stars all perceptible properties of the sun can be explained. Whether by the Voyager spacecraft measured cellular structure of the edge of the heliopause, the increasing acceleration of the solar wind, sunspots, the so-called rice grain structure of the sun, if corona or different other by the gravitational cosmology unexplained phenomena. The Plamsa cosmology provides clear, scientifically sound and plausible answers. And last but not least it is also reflected in terms of comets and planets, which all process characters of electromagnetic on their surfaces down to various everyday weather phenomena the superior intellectual and qualitative dominance of the plasma Kosmologie.

All this is done with a clarity that matures in any interested viewer the inevitably certainty that it is only a matter of time before this new cosmology – which is consistent with theosophy – the conventional relativistic and gravitation based farce is completely replaced. Latter is then received as a sad example of one of the largest and most obscure time wastes of a purely materialistic science in the history. In addition to the plasma cosmology there is also the ether theory referenced.

The ether concept was handed down by the ancient philosopher Aristotle. The basic idea is a very fine medium which fills all the space, for example to be able to explain force transfer. This theory has also become a concept of science of the 19th c., but they failed to detect them. It behaved as follows: With the Michelson-Morley experiment in 1887 the Aether should have been proven by the measurement of an ether-drift. The experiment was terminated by Michelson, since the measured value of approximately 8 km / h was far below the expected result of 30 km / h. Consequently, it was Michelson a "zero result" hawked, nevertheless, the scientific publication contained the from Morley measured 8 km / h. Einstein explained by the theory of relativity later Ether as superfluous.

The modern and partially on false assumptions based ether concept was by physicist Joseph H. Cater in the second half of the 20th century revolutionized by an alternative, very convincing, understandable, comprehensive and very specific ether-based and partly metaphysical physics. Although you certainly do not have to agree with all of its opinions, some errors are contained in his work and his tone is often unhelpful, are parts of his treatise possibly also immensely important for the microcosm as plasma cosmology is for the macrocosm.

These manifestations are the much discussed ether, which permeate the whole space. This is the stuff, from which all matter is created and from all things manifest. [...] The ether can be a rigid and inert medium, as it will be described by many theorists. How can something languorous manifest as intelligence and life? Ether manifested life by a nearly infinite number of particles, of which some are far ponderous active than the most active particles of physical matter. [...] The following principle must be borne in mind when you want to be examining the characteristics of the ether: Each dynamic unit is as a whole less active than the individual parts of which it consists. […] The history of growth follows this scheme from simple active to complex and less active. [...] The higher ether consists of smaller particles and are more active, while the lower Ether are of larger, more complex and, consequently, less active particles. Both the higher and the lower ether take in the same three-dimensional space. 1

The electromagnetic radiation, whether natural (geomagnetic field) or artificial (radio waves, wireless networks) are in the same room and yet they do not influence each other. This also illustrates how different levels of existence can be in the same space without interfering with each other when they have a different "frequency", meaning, they are on different levels of cosmic consciousness and matter. The complex, less active particle from simpler active particles composed and in turn more active even smaller particles, etc. and these particles during continuous advance in the microcosm are always active or move faster and faster, until the "infinitely fast" or "absolute movement" is achieved, this is a simple physical perspective of a substance principle, which agrees with theosophy and any common sense.

A thought experiment from the book Etidorhpa can be just as helpful for the idea, how the development of the subtle into matter. It assumes that you imagine a plurality of metal balls, which are offset in space in motion and their speed is increased slowly but steadily to look at the physical effects: After a while you can hear a deep audible hum – then the deep sound will always get higher and higher, until it is heard in a shrill sound very high, with that increasing heat is produced by the friction- then the sound will be less audible until it disappears, although the balls continue to always move faster – by increasing friction the balls are visible as a continuous red glowing lines which will become lighter until they glisten in a bright, pure white gloss- then slowly the heat disappears – the light migrates successively through all the primary colors from purple to red and finally, at even higher speeds, the red light looses more and more in luminosity and soon there is darkness and silence. The metal balls are completely dissociated. In such a state, they could also pass through solid matter without affecting it.

If you can think of an intermediate state in which the pure space motion is partially palpable, and is yet not gross enough to be earthly matter, then you can imagine, how such forces, which humans know as light, heat, electricity, magnetism or gravity, are generated, because even these are disorders of the spatial movement. It should be easy to understand that after the same principle also other elements and unknown forces can be generated, which are recognizable or not for the senses.2

In regards to the origin of the universe, so has todays science fled into preposterous assumptions: an infinitely small point of space that contains, time and the whole mass of the universe, which then spontaneously creates itself from nothing. Even as an invention that would be completely absurd, all the sadder that this is a scientific reality. The today generally accepted scientific cosmogony doctrine is absolutely impossible in its approach, but is generally considered a necessarily true conclusion of pure reason. By contrast, everything now following is condemned as grotesque fiction from the followers of such hypotheses, even though it is logically, understandable and ipso facto, also much more likely.

But this accounts also for the reason why the best and most spiritual men of our present day can no longer be satisfied with either Science or theology; and why they prefer any such "psychic craze" to the dogmatic assertions of both, neither of the two having anything better to offer than blind faith in their respective infallibility. Universal tradition is indeed the far safer guide in life.3



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