Precise science: Quo vadis - red shift and black holes

Einstein's relativity theory also made the prediction of an expanding universe, which today is based mainly on a very peculiar interpretation of the red shift. The latter was discovered in 1929 by the American astronomer Edwin Hubble (1889-1953) who was awarded the Nobel Prize for this. This phenomenon shows, that the light from distant galaxies compared to the light spectrum of the sun is red shifted, which means, that the absorption lines of the light spectrum in distant galaxies toward the red less energetic part of the light spectrum is shifted (at the right edge). About the in the area of acoustics well-known Doppler effect or Doppler shift, the red shift was interpreted as a difference in speed. 1

And since this shift by increasing distances of objects also continues to increase, meaning a double the distance galaxy appears to have twice the escape velocity, led this interpretation of the red shift directly to the idea of an expanding universe, which in turn supported the adoption of an initial union in one point. Quasars for example are extremely bright objects and were first discovered in the 1960s. They have a large redshift, partially of more than 100%. In regard to the Doppler shift interpretation enormous speeds and therefore extreme distances for these objects supposed. But simultaneously observed is their brightness’s very large, so that they must be the brightest objects in the universe. Calculations show depending on the Quasar of up to 10^12 solar luminosities, but no known process can release such quantities of energy. This need of clarification lead directly to the introduction of the (purely hypothetical) black holes in cosmology. Their gigantic masses shall explain the extremely high energy output. Today is is spoken of the "discovery" of black holes, as well as of the discovery of dark matter, neutrinos etc., where "an invention of dogmatic necessity" would describe it much more honest.

The fact is, that the Doppler interpretation was clearly refuted on several occasions. Because there were galaxies and quasars observed, that had a sometimes considerable deviation of redshift, accordingly, they should be extremely far apart and nevertheless, there are often matter bridges between such objects as e.g. in the galaxy NGC 4319 and Markarian Quasar 205.2 However, in the galaxy NGC 7603, the galaxy NGC 7319, or the so-called Einstein Cross, these matter bridges clearly demonstrate mostly in the false-color mode or when interstellar Hydrogen is made visible. The most important pillar of the expanding universe and the big bang theory has already been broken away decades ago, but so far without any effect on the conventional view of things.3

And as already mentioned, the quantum physics play a big roll in todays research, and also shows a very similar image.

The hypothetical atom model of Niels Bohr (1885-1962) consisted of a nucleus, which is orbited by electrons to move on fixed paths. Applying the known laws of electrodynamics, would the electrons quickly spirally fall into the atomic nucleus. Stable atoms would be after this theory be impossible and yet they exist. Bohr joined there upon among others the Planck constant 4 with his model, postulating to save the cherished hypothesis that electrons cannot change their orbits arbitrarily, but only in discrete steps, what made their orbits at least mathematically stable – the quantum leap was invented. But nature never runs in leaps what a view into physical reality teaches so unequivocally, that this was already an incontrovertible proposition with the Pre-Sokratiern of the Eleatic school in 550 BC.

Another blunder of quantum physics is the so-called wave-particle duality, meaning the paradoxical (read impossible) assumption that objects, for example electrons, both as particles and as waves occur in waves. There is at least an alternative far more logical explanation of the double-slit experiment (J. H. Cater in the ultimate reality, see below, An alternative physics approach) which explains the apparent wave nature of electrons with magnetism of the underlying particles that amass due to their piles or shafts (from a certain angle of successive impinging particle beams). Some weird interpretations and explanations later it was concluded that only the observer of a "wave function", which was located until then in "limbo of probabilities" should bring this wave function to collapse and only in this way at all reality is created.5

Another quantum mechanical point of view besides the one in which from the infinite number of chances apparent under observation only one reality, is the one, in which each of the infinitely many probabilities represent a reality, meaning an infinite number of parallel realities.

Not so long ago, science was spoken about as an organized, common sense. But how can one, given the facts pleaded, speak of reason? Today, there are – once again – clearly dogmas over sanity. For the mass of people, unfortunately, just as unimpressive and far-reaching as the dogmas of the church before the enlightening, not recognized by the majority as such, but rather seen as irrefutable truths.

If science and its conclusions are based on provable, at all times comprehensible facts and these of course, are logical and reasonable, then that is excellent. That is exact science, and where does the world stand today without it. If it lifts itself over metaphysics, their theories about the practice, their explanations about the common sense and its dogmas about scientific reality, then you should consider their theories and the resulting conclusions extremely critical. Because the from that nourished fact, is a purely materialistic worldview in addition to the scientific deception to society in a different manner is very fatal. The man becomes devalued as a random increasingly product of matter – soulless, spineless, irresponsible. Without spiritual principle and without an intelligent plan, this whole creation is more or less a happy coincidence, that sooner or later disappears into the literally nothingness and that is all one thing: utterly useless. And that is why a lot of people today sacrifice their soul to materialism, by reckless and unrestrained indulging in so pernicious nihilism or hedonism which is rumored from everywhere as the only way from this this futility.

This is not a general negative judgement against science because what would, for example, chemistry lose itself in irrational speculation, if its success depends mainly on practical results? Today's scientific knowledge is impressive and understanding of the cosmos, man and nature has expanded enormously in the past 150 years, much of it to the benefit of mankind. Just as religions and sects sometimes become strange, so do the concerns of science, address especially a human problem. And this scientific dogmatism – which today carries so clear traits of a materialistic substitute religion, that one can deny hardly that science when depositing the ecclesiastical chains is only on half its way – will in no doubt overcome sooner or later.

  • 1. If e.g. a car is traveling toward someone its sound waves are initially higher, back compressed due to the speed at the recipient, wherein the wave length is small (hence the higher tone) and then it is passed, the sound is deeper because the sound waves are stretched now, because of the rapidly increasing distance through speed and higher wave length.
  • 2. quasar Redshifts and Controversies, Haldon Arp.
  • 3. From such an incredible dogmatism also the modern historical research is affected today. Is something opposes the civilization theory adopted today, it is simply superstition or pseudo-science, because it can not be what is not allowed to be. The recorded history of nearly all nations reported e.g. in countless scriptures unequivocally amongst others the fact that the man initially was descended by divine beings, once giants roamed the earth and there was at least one flood. Even if today one think these events are impossible, you can them and their numerous clues in historical terms not completely ignore as superstition, because it involves a substantial part the common historical heritage of humanity, but that is exactly what happens.
  • 4. This is the relationship between energy and frequency of a photon, in addition to the gravitational constant and the speed of light is one of the three current fundamental constants.
  • 5. Esotericism like refer to it, to emphasize the importance or domination of consciousness on the material world in a scientific context. But the Quantum Physics performs exactly as the theory of relativity into nothingness. To understand these substantiate "rule" that is only very imperfectly manifested in earthly humans, then you relate, for example. to the experiments of the German-American physicist Helmut Schmidt (1928-2011). He developed one of the first random generator, the so-called "Schmidt Machine" and explored the influence of the human mind on such machines (psychokinesis). The machine was based on the purely random decay of radioactive strontium-90 atoms, where the decay set a Geiger counter in motion and this let it randomly lit two lights. Volunteers should now achieve alone by will power that one lamp lights up more often than the other, which in the longer term by the more homogeneous process of disintegration should not have been be possible and yet one presented statistically significant deviations, even in the thousands of subsequent experiments, s., for example. "On the Quantum Mechanics of Consciousness, with Application to Anomalous Phenomena" Robert G. Jahn and Brenda J. Dunne in Foundations of Physics. 16, 1985, pp 721- 772.

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