Preface - belief and know thyself

Who search, shouldn't end searching, until he find. If he found, he will be concerned. If he is concerned, he will start to be astonished. Is he astonished, he will rule. If he started to rule, he will find peace.1

What is the origin of all existence? How behaves it with body, spirit and soul? What is the meaning of Live? Is death the birth in a spiritual Life? By answer this and similar Questions, this book want to convey a reasonable and holistic world view, that can become a guiding star of outer as well as an indestructible grounding of inner safety. And yonder inner is also the spring of the desire of answer such spiritual questions. The appeal on the Temple of Apollo at Delphi, the "Know thyself!", is the alpha and omega of every spiritual quest. Because it is the higher self within man, which challenge to tread a path, whose destination is the realization, where man comes from and where he is going, in short, to get to know itself in a philosophical manner.

The most important requirement and at the same moment first examination on this path is b e l i e f. Under belief I understand in no case religious affiliation or blind faith, but rather a clue, vague deep-rooted sense of heart, whose effect the majority of mankind without any proof to doubt not a second about, that something undefinable higher exists. Thereby it is also a belief, that there is more between earth and sky, that man consider as possible, usually can experience or imagine at all.

And even if belief in this respect has note essential to do with religion: An aversion against religion is justified, if a one is widespread with violence, if it is waged war in the name of religion, lies will imposed to virtues and knowledge suppressed or insanity is glorified to divine secrets. That applies also if a religion understand itself as the only truth and therefore all other opinions were accuse as lie. But like that are not all of it. Because often this religions that deny karma and reincarnation can occasionally be perceived with such aspects. But if you look (here in europe) back in time or in distance, religions can be found, that respect other belief systems, that warn against blind belief and instead of that recommend common sense and never would harm something living, not to mention, that this religion would spread its beliefs with swords. And all of this confirm the history of this religions. This kind of religions understand karma and reincarnation in its originally understanding often as essential part of its teachings.

In regard to the belief; the assertion, that spiritual worlds or gods don’t exists, is from the outset unsubstantial, because none-existence is never provable. Thus also atheism is a question of belief, because atheism act on the assumption of none-existence of god. But a convincingly proof of god is thoroughly possible, if natural science accept again its soul, metaphysics, as a veritable part of truth.

Atheists and agnostics shall aks itself, what they have to lose with a belief in divine or hidden spiritual forces and what to win. A true faith gives many people a valuable spiritual and ethical basis and generated in many ways beneficial effects. And Pascal's Wager1 shows with logic and certain assumptions that a person can never lose with a faith, but can only win. This "bet" underlies following consideration: Accepting a belief and there are no gods, then you are mistaken. That is human, but you have lost nothing. If you deny such faith and there are gods, then, so the assumption, that disbelief must have adverse effects. Thus faith is even a rational decision, even if it remains questionable, whether genuine faith can claim on such dialectical manner.

Just as vague it is, belief has to be within the reader in order to get the possibility to find here. Has he found, then he will be deeply moved by the unmatchable beauty and dignity of that, what usually can not be experienced. And he will be astonished, not least, if he get to know thyself.

But the mediated self-knowledge here corresponds by no means with enlightenment. One could call self-knowledge as a theoretical enlightenment and enlightenment as a practical self-knowledge. Here only the theory can be studied, which leads to the realization what man in a holistic perspective is, which potential within himself exists and where his place in the natural order of things is. Become enlightened in terms of practical self-knowledge is the first climax of that journey to thyself, at we are almost all here on earth at the beginning. Because the difference between theoretical and practical self-awareness could be symbolically understood as the great difference that exists between the volatile sparks of a flame and the seemingly eternal life of a sun.

However, this restriction does not take anything from amazement ​​or the high degree of emotion that often filled me during the study of this book underlying teachings. Even if one therefore cannot rule completely, because in this case the ruling rather symbolizes the inner struggle for better integration of the eternal moral ideals in his own life, so the blessings of this faith can reached by understand, accept and life the worldview that here is given.

Now means, to assume something in this sense, of course, to recognize something truthful in it. I want not open a philosophical discourse on truth here. Only one question should be allowed: There are many theories about how, for example, the solar system was formed. Whether one is closer to truth or not, can there be not only one way, in which the solar system was formed and in this sense, truth must exist, regardless of whether this is someone fully known or not? But if the view which is given in this book is closest to truth, of course, everyone should decide for themselves.

  • 1. Gospel of Thomas 2, Papyrus Oxyrhynchos No. 654, findable analogous in the Gospel of Matthew (7,7) or Lucas (11,9).

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