Preface - union of science, religion and philosophy

That this universal tradition could promulgated by far clearer, less allegorical words and also more completely, than this every religions could do for itself, is to be owed to the beneficial work of Madame Blavatsky and her teachers. Since in connection with the usual way of knowledge transfer by old philosophical or religious writings another important aspect comes for the big importance of her work. She could explain the meanings of religious-philosophical symbolism because of her knowledge. This is so exceptionally important, because without this knowledge religions must remain for people who know the facts of life only more or less blind accepted faith or, however, unbelievable fairy tales. Nevertheless, with this examination many holy writings can really become a sort of revelation. Partial deciphering of archaic symbolism about different religious and philosophical systems forms an important part of her work.

To all that she confronted the universal tradition to the scientific state of knowledge at that time. She showed the astonishing common characteristics between different scientific attempts and Theosophy beside entitled science criticism. The subtitle of the Secret Doctrine is: „The union of science, religion and philosophy“. This is Theosophy. And H. P. B. build a very mighty, modern foundation for this Doctrine

The genuineness and prominent meaning of her work underlines not at least the generally accepted fact, that the Secret Doctrine is the trigger of the modern esoteric movement of the last 130 years. The term Esotericism became known only by her in this part of the world. And, in the meantime, one also clearly recognises that she achieved her aim to rescue the society from the superstition and the mistakes in particular of the church to pave thus the way for a theosophical society of the future.

The aimed freedom of mind has come, however, the morality has disappear again on this way. But this was neither an intention nor is it the guilt of the Theosophy. Since, as only one example, "New Age" in terms of “freely physical love, drugs and Rock'n Roll“ has completely nothing to do with Theosophy, spirituality or true esotericism. On the contrary just the theosophical doctrine puts the highest moral expectations of her followers and it is able to reason these needs urgently and reasonable.

Today every Searcher knows too well, that he will always face a great challenge. No matter whether science, philosophy, religion or esotericism, everywhere a very big number of variety, together contradicting teachings can be found, which can be more and more often also very incomprehensible. Therefore, it is not surprising, that slowly the view arise, that truth on such a search is undiscoverable. And therefore it becomes clear, how valuable a reasonable world view is, which is based of the common denominator, while it shows the common base characteristics of religion, philosophy and science.

The present book is a very much shortened summary of the Secret Doctrine which takes up merely the red thread of the cosmic, earthly and human development beside important core statements and some adjoining dispute with current scientific theories. The German translated third edition of the original in his three volumes consist of more than 2,300 narrowly printed pages what conveys an impression, how much knowledge is hide away here.

The Secret Doctrine is a matter of a very philosophical or extremely complicated topic and a unique reading conveys only a rudimentary idea of the Doctrine. And thus are the wish for a deeper understanding and the several years' study resulting from it also the origin of this book. But neither I am a philosopher nor scientist and also no qualified author. Hence, I ask all readers for forbearance with regard to the inevitable mistakes and other inadequacy of this treatise, for example, many footnotes which have collected in the course of years.

For all Searchers with an unprejudiced faith who recognise the following as this what it is, for those it will also be able to become, why it was written down originally. All the others are warmly invited on a trip that is without exaggeration, are extremly fantastic, interesting, inspiring and above all original. And the essential reason for this is the well guaranteed fact, that not the man, but still the life writes down the most interesting, most original, most miraculous and most unbelievable stories.


Steven Otto

24. April 2016

Germering near Munich, Germany

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